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Ultimate Dog Toy Testing

Ever wonder how tough those dog toys marketed as "ultimate" or "tuff" or "battle tested" really are? Our very own Peterson Park Pack puts toys to the test in a real-[dog]life environment. The toys below have been rated considering such critical categories as safety, durabililty, attractiveness, as well as the ever-important slime factor.


  • 5 Paws Up! (Best in class)
  • Bite & Shake (Pretty Doggone Good)
  • Sniff & Pee (Not Worth Picking Up)
Let's meet the Testers...
Lincoln, the Destroyer
Beautiful Baby Chase
Sydney "Syd Vicious" Bristow
The World's Best Dog - Zea
Laddie, the Cookie Monster
The Handsome Kane
Toy Ratings

King Flyer
Rating: Bite & Shake (pretty doggone good!)

The Kong Flyer is a frisbee toy offered by the makers of the great Kong Treat toy line. I've only seen it in red. Soft and flexible, it flies like a frisbee and our Peterson Park Pack loved it.

Once airborne, they chased after it en masse. Of course, Zea caught it, but it prompted a happy game of tug-of-war that lasted for longer than almost any other toy we've tested. Large enough to avoid spurring arguments or snippy fights, the winner simply pranced happily away, taunting the others to chase after and try again - which they did ... again and again and again.
Considering the activity it generated, I didn't expect it to last the visit. Surprisingly, this seemingly flimsy toy latest 4 park visits and endured intense tug-of-war by as many as five members of the pack at a time. Sadly, the first rip occurred on the 5th visit. After that, the structure was compromised and the toy suffered a quick death in the hands (or should I say jaws) of Zea and Sydney.

The one drawback to this great, flexible toy was that the only creature who would want to touch the thing after 5 pups have been at it would be another dog. Slimy only begins to describe it.

Tire Biter Flyer
Rating: Bite & Shake (pretty doggone good!)

The Tire Biter Flyer looks like a tire and iit smells like a tire, too. You toss it like a frisbee, but it tends to sink like a lead balloon. A good hefty throw by a strong arm did send it spinning out a far enough distance to send the pack chasing after it.

It's pretty doggone tough and the pups really seemed to like it. I believe it would have lasted for a number of visits and could have become a Peterson Pack favorite. Unfortunately, it got left behind in the grass during its second visit. Some other lucky dog must have sniffed it out and taken it home.
Before we lost it, Sydney had fun with the Tire Biter Flyer in her backyard. Place your cursor over the picture to take a peek.

Whirl Wheel
Rating: Five Paws Up! (Best In Class)

The Whirl Wheel was another Peterson Pack favorite. Flexible, like the Kong Frisbee, it had the added benefit of squeaking! The first toss caused a flurry of excitement, for sure. But can you image the reaction after the lucky winner of the toss caught it and discovered it squeaked? Doggy heaven!

The bright orange Whirl Wheel became the most coveted possession of the day.

And possessed it was ... by our voracious toy destroyer, Lincoln! Lincholn claimed it as his own and would not let anyone else have it, much as they tried. He was determined to get that squeak out of the toy's center, no matter what.

Now understand, Lincoln can destroy a tennis ball in minutes and completely obliterates most toys in the blink of an eye. To say that Lincoln is compulsive-obsessive is an understatement. And did I mention slime? No one covers a toy more completely in slime than our Lincoln. We love him for all of these qualities and more! That he had set his sights on the orange Whirl Wheel's tiny squeaker meant toy-death for sure.

Amazingly, the Whirl Wheel lasted for more park sessions within Lincoln's mighty jaws than I remember counting. It even stood the test of several hearty tug-of-wars (when Lincoln wasn't around, of course). This rubber toy was incredibly durable and the pups loved it. No toy is perfect, though, and it had it's share of slimy days. At the end of most sessions, I was forced to pick it up with an errant twig and dump it into a spare plastic poop bag in order to get it home for a thorough washing.

Evenutally, the toy lost and Lincoln won (scroll your mouse over the picture to see the results). Once Lincoln got to that squeaker, that was the end of the Whirl Wheel.

The Peterson Pack remembers it fondly and Lincoln still greets me happily, expecting me to pull it out of my happy toy backpack almost every day he sees me.

Rating: Sniff & Pee (not worth picking up)

Hailed as the world's "tuff"est soft dog toy, Tuffies made by VIP Products, Phoenix, AZ is certainly tuff. 3 layers of material & 7 rows of stiching protect 4 squeakers nestled away in safety pockets.

Problem is, our park pups hardly played with it. I produced it from my happy toy backpack and the bright red color sparked initial excitement (plus the fact that our smart dogs know full well that fun things come flying out of that backpack).

However, after an initial chase, a few moderate head-shakes and tugs, our pack quickly lost interest and mosied away in search of something more exciting - like a branch lying nearby which proved to be far more fun and certainly cost a lot less.

Even Lincoln wasn't impressed. The squeakers were so well protected by those 3 layers of stuffing and 7 rows of stitching, they could hardly be heard. Lincoln, the Destroyer decided it wasn't worth the effort and left the Tuffie lying in the grass, trotting over to sit and stare at me with sad, dark eyes begging for his orange Whirl Wheel.

The Tuff Toy never even had the opportunity to be slimed.